PSOA Photography Seniors Spring 2013: Thursday/The Plan/Tasks/and Schedule

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thursday/The Plan/Tasks/and Schedule

Hi All,

Good news... The exhibition opening can be moved to April 13th 6-9PM and music is allowed. Please let me know who is heading up the music. This individual will need to discuss the music choices with the rest of the class.

Show Title... I have not heard any word on a definition for Pleather, with regards to how the word relates to the show (a stipulation for the use of this title). I will remind you that the alternative titles are: Only a sleeping person doesn't blink, Unsaid, VII (V2), and Filter. I will add: No rounded corners, Surface Treatments, Our Own Devices, and False Perceptions.

Please remember to send me your artist statement (350-500 words) by Tuesday, March 5th. Also, please send me your latest thesis statement (this may be drawn from you last paper from the previous semester) by March 10th.

In addition, post your latest images and statement on your blog.

We will start with short critiques followed by updates from exhibition task groups and a review of student websites. If there is time, then we will need to discuss if you want bios with artist portraits. You will need to make final tweaks to your websites (done before spring break) and create business cards (done by April 11th). Websites can be linked to a Facebook page for the photo BFA show. Finally, we will discuss laying out your work via a mockup.


Please refer back to the original Exhibition Tasks document and other attached documents to assist you in these tasks.

Postcard Coordinator: Rachel / Press Release Coordinator: Chia (This is a lot of work, so others need to be willing to assist with some of these tasks, ie. distribution of cards and hanging of posters).

Postcard / Poster Design, Web Presence (Facebook), Press Release Information about the show - title, location (parking), date / time (exhibition, opening, gallery night), artists' names, url, and blurb about the show. This information needs to be distributed to media outlets and to Bob DeToro of the Marshall Building.

EXAMPLE: Students completing their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in the Photography program at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts are proud to present Pleather, a thesis exhibition of photographs representing the culmination of the growth of each individual as young artists. The exhibition will be on display in the Marshall Building's Lower Level Lobby, April 13th - 23rd with an opening reception on the April 13th, 6-9PM. For more information please go to our Facebook page at XXX or contact us at XXX.
The works by these seven artists interweave research and studio practice into challenging and conceptual imagery with unique personal styles, reimaging perception of reality to question notions of authenticity, truth, and existence. In this exhibition:
Stephanie Brandt . . . (100 word artist statement)
Chia Chang . . . (100 word artist statement)
Mauri Chayer . . . (100 word artist statement)
Rachel Evans . . . (100 word artist statement)
Travis Hale . . . (100 word artist statement)
Catherine Kassouf . . . (100 word artist statement)
Joelle Swanson . . . (100 word artist statement)

Once the postcard is designed, I will place the order from We should place the order before Spring Break (March 14th).

Text Formatting Coordinator: Catherine / Vinyl Lettering Coordinator: Mauri

There needs to be a deadline to receive all wall text (titles for individual pieces and artist statements) for the show. I suggest April 1. You will need to proof for typos, format, print, mount on black board, and place on the wall with double sided tape.
You will need to design the text for the show, keeping with the font and style of the postcards. I will handle the ordering of the vinyl, but installation will be your responsibility. Both of you will work together on the wall text.

Catering Coordinator: Joelle

We can hold off on this plan until after Spring Break, but it is never too early to solicit free eats. We do need to identify those that can provide tables.

Installation Coordinator: Travis / De-install Coordinator: Steph

Everyone needs to make arrangements to hang their work on Wednesday, April 10th (allocate 4-5 hours). Everyone needs to agree on a time to come in and hang. Final lighting/installation tweaks on April 11th during class. Setup for the opening should start around 2PM or 3PM on Saturday, April 13th. This includes putting out sandwich boards.

Deinstall will happen on Wednesday, the 24th. Again, the class will need to decide on a time to remove the work and repair walls (allocate 2-3 hours).

Other Tasks: design sandwich board posters and have them printed and mounted (2 sets/4 prints).

------------------------ Schedule-----------------------

3/7 Group Critique / Exhibition Planning

3/11 Contact framer, if having work professionally framed

3/12 Independent Work
3/13 Launch Facebook page / Blurb for press release
3/14 In-Class Lab / Exhibition Planning / Individual Meetings

3/15 Order any frames or matting supplies / Postcard and poster design for print / Order frames and matting supplies or locate available stock in town

3/18-22 Spring Break

3/24 Large printing on Sunday, students will need to make arrangements with me to meet on this day

3/26 Printing (I will be meeting with 552 this day)
3/27 Contact Epic to make arrangements to drop off work and to ensure they will have supplies to mount your images , if using their services
3/28 Lab / Framing & Presentation / Installation / Exhibition Planning / Discuss Menu

3/30 Large printing on Saturday, students will need to make arrangements with me to meet on this day

4/1 Work needs to be sent to Epic, if using their services

4/2 MANDATORY Lab / Framing & Presentation / Installation / Exhibition Planning (I will be meeting with 552 this day)
4/4 Lab / Framing & Presentation / Installation / Exhibition Planning

4/9 MANDATORY Lab / Framing & Presentation / Installation / Exhibition Planning (I will be meeting with 552 this day)
4/10 Install at Marshall Building
4/11 Lighting at Marshall Building

4/16 Independent Work
4/18 Independent Work

4/23 Independent Work
4/24 De-install Marshall Building
4/25 In-Class Lab / Individual Meetings

4/30 Independent Work
5/2 Exit Presentations

5/7 Independent Work
5/9 Final Research Paper Due / Final Professional Package Due

Joseph Mougel
Assistant Professor
Department of Art and Design
Area Head, Photography
Peck School of the Arts
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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